OrorZyme Wholesale

Breakthrough technology gives immediate odor neutralization on contact. Microbial component digests the source of the odor of older problems over time. Super strength plant-based surfactant removes tough stains.

  • Penetrates wood to get at pet urine residues.
  • Effective against all organic odors and stains: pet accidents, vomit, spilled food and drink, spoiled food, human wastes, mold, etc.
  • Use on carpets, draperies, walls, floors, diaper pails, toilets, garbage cans, dishwashers.
  • Safe for wood, vinyl, porcelain, concrete, metal, painted surfaces, and most fabrics.

How is it different than the "store brands"?

Image representing environmental safety

The difference is science! Unlike the over the counter consumer store products OdorZyme is a unique formulation of environmentally safe enzymes and plant surfactants that work!

Test OdorZyme with our 4 oz concentrate = 22oz 'ready to use". Only $24.95 with FREE Priority shipping. Only one sample bottle per person!

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Environmentally tested. Certified biodegradable. (SDS.pdf)

Wholesale: OdorZyme is available in various sizes. Available in as few as 1 case on most items.

Flat fee $6.95 shipping- Any size – Any quantity!

22 oz ready to use spray – packed 12 per case

Half gallon ready to use - packed 4 per case

4 oz concentrate – makes one gallon – packed 12 per case

8 oz concentrate - makes two gallons – packed 12 per case

Half Gallon concentrate – makes 16 gallons – (packed per gallon Jug)

One Gallon concentrate – makes 32 gallons – (packed per gallon Jug)

KennelCare Concentrate for kennels and dog runs

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